50 Breaks is a Post-Hardcore band started formed in late 2011. Created by Aaron J. Miller as a side project to the on hiatus “Cannibal Run”, Aaron enlisted Chris Koterba on Drums and Matt Nielson on bass. Both Matt and Chris were predominantly guitar players prior to the group’s formation but both enjoy the change of pace. With Greg Corcoran coming in to deliver a biting vocal line the formation of the group was complete. Tying the band to just one genre is a bit of a challenge. With some songs being straight up hardcore and others being more groove based, 50 Breaks delivers a sonic experience that gets into your head and lurks there. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows. This is a “see it live” band and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

We have bandmembers and stuff

Greg Corcoran


When not singing for 50 Breaks, Greg can be found impersonating a homeless man and begging for food and liquor outside convenience stores.

Aaron Miller


After years of ghost writing romantic novels, Aaron decided to take up the guitar. At least that's what he told everyone. He hopes to learn how to play before we actually have to play a show. On the bright side, he's very good at looking like he can play.

Chris Koterba


Chris is secretly planning to kill the entire band. Currently he has not found the right moment to do so. We do plan on updating the website if he does.

Matt Nielson


Matt Nielson joined the band shortly after giving up on his dream of appearing on America's Next Top Model.


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